Return Policy

Return Policy

Once you have purchased the product, no refund or credit will be given

No return/refund or exchange is accepted except:

You can return/exchange a product if there is damage at the time of item delivery and if the fault is on our part

Returns are not guaranteed without photographic evidence of the damaged item. We will not be able to credit or replace any items held after the three (3) day period. We will make appropriate adjustments to your valuable request once your item has been approved for refund/replacement.

Returns and refunds cannot be completed due to a change in product preference

Complaints and suggestions: For customer support and issues, please write to us at

Information and Intellectual Property Policy:

All publicly available information available on the Shilajit Arabia website is the sole intellectual property of Shilajit Arabia unless otherwise stated. Every effort is made to ensure that the quality and effectiveness of the information available on the Website is accurate and up-to-date.